SBI Securities became the 1st company in Japan that can handle "STO"

Became the 1st company in Japan that can handle STO

  On March 26, 2021, SBI Securities Co., Ltd. announced that it became the first company in Japan to be able to handle security token offerings(STO). The company said this will make it possible to offer a wide range of security tokens, such as digitized corporate bonds, to individual investors.



SBI Group and STO

  The SBI Group has positioned blockchain technology, including STO, as a core FinTech technology and has focused on developing business fields through business development, fund investment, and demonstration experiments.

  In October 2019, SBI Securities joined the Japan Security Token Offering Association, a self-regulatory organization under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, as a founding member. Since then, the company have been working on creating rules and improving the business environment regarding STOs. In addition, in October 2020, SBI e-Sports, Inc. carried out a third-party allocation of new shares using security tokens with SBI Holdings, Inc. as the underwriter. The spread of STO in Japan is expected to revitalize the capital market and contribute to the further development of the real economy.



Press Release from SBI Securities Co., Ltd. on Mar. 26, 2021



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